5. Edit Your Videos

Updated : Jan 08, 2018

To edit the videos in your sequence, click on a video on the timeline and use the properties panel to change its parameters.

video properties

Choose a Transition Animation for Your Videos

1. Select one or more items and click the Transitions tab of the Properties window of the video,
2. Define a transition of the in, out, points or both,
3. Choose the length of your transitions.

You can use two different types of transitions:
1. Fade: Applies a fade
2. Barwipe
  Make sure that the length of your transitions does not exceed the duration of your media.

Edit the Display Style of Your Videos (opacity, borders, rotation, shadows)

To change the display style of your videos, click the Style tab of the property window.


Adjust the volume of your videos

To adjust the volume of your video, use the slider to increase or decrease the volume from the Properties window of the video.

Show player with play / pause button for each video

By default, videos are set to automatically play when they displayed and "chromeless", so without a progress bar or specific play/pause buttons.
You can display the video controls and disable the "autoplay" option by checking "Video controls". *

The video controls take the "width" of the video to which they are attached;
Their height is always fixed;
When the Klynt player is in full screen mode, the controls change size proportionally (height and width).

Loop a Video

To loop a video, check "Loop" in the Properties window of the video.

Synchronize a sequence with a video

To synchronize a video file with a sequence, simply check this option from the Properties window of the video. The file will then act as a "sync master" of this sequence and all other media will be synchronized with it. The control bars will enable you to move through the sequence.

It is not possible to have two synchronized media in a sequence to synchronize other media, you must first de-select the option on the first media master.
As soon as the sync option is set, the media file will be then automatically repositioned on the timeline to zero seconds, and the end cursor of the sequence positioned at the end of the media.
If you pause a "sync master", the whole sequence will pause.
It is possible to have a master media or sync master in an overlay sequence same as in a "classic" sequence. Opening a sequence in overlay mode over a sequence containing the master media will pause it if you select the option "Pause the parent sequence."

NB: You can playback loop video synchronized with your sequence, to do so, you need to first tick the Loop box and then synchronize the sequence with the media 


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