10. Add and Edit Links

Updated : Feb 19, 2016

Assign a link to an image, video, text, or shape

When you connect your sequences on the Storyboard, links are automatically created in the sequence editor, inside the "object" track "and are created as buttons by default.
However, you can assign links to any other media on your timeline. To add a link to an image, video, text or shape, click on the media, and the on the Link tab of the Properties window that defaults to None. 


Select or change the target of a link

You can change the target of your link at any time in the Link tab of the property window of the element. You can choose from four types of targets:
  • Sequence (default)
  • Widget (Menu, Search, Credits)
  • URL
  • Map
  • Index

Open the target sequence of a link

To move between sequences, you can directly open the targeted sequence of a link. Right click on the element from the scene or the timeline and choose the option Open target sequence.


Create a link to a widget (Menu, Search, Credits)

From any sequence, you can create a link to a widget that has been previously created from the settings of your project (index menus, map menus, Credits and search).
The active time length of the link is identical to the time length of the element it has been matched with.
By default, the list of target sequences displayed in the Link tab includes all sequences that you created on your Storyboard.

Create a link to a website

You can set the target of your web link:
_blank Opens the linked document in a new window or tab
_self Opens the linked document in the same frame as it was clicked
_parent Opens the linked document in the parent frame
_top Opens the linked document in the full body of the window


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