6. Other widgets (credits, search…)

Updated : Nov 28, 2018

Edit Credits Widget

The Credits widget is displayed as an overlay page and automatically pauses the playing sequence. 

Go to Project > Widget Settings > Credits

Note: the title, subtitle and about fields are automatically filled with the information from the input of the general tab. 


Edit the Search widget 

 This widget allows you to give access to a search engine from within your project player. Thanks to this widget, one can search through all the content of all sequences, from the title, the descriptions, key words to the text content included inside your sequences.


Activate / Deactivate the search

By default, the search is activated, but you can deactivate it if you wish.
Edit the Search Widget
Go to Project > Widget Settings > Search

The search settings can be found in Project > Widgets Settings.
The default content are displayed on the search screen. They automatically adopt the language with wich you use the Klynt editor (English or French).   


Make the Search widget accessible

There are a couple ways to give access to the Search widget:
-    you can create a link from the footer
-    you can also create some links from the sequences by choosing the «widget» type in the Links.



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