2. Prepare your medias

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

Supported formats

Klynt supports multiple media types and formats :
  • Image : JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • Video : MP4 (h264)
  • Audio : MP3
You cannot import other non supported medias in Klynt. If you do, the following error message will appear.


Convert my media files to a supported format

Before importing your media files inside the media library, we recommend converting them to a format supported by Klynt. There are various free and paying solutions. For each media type, we have selected a free, open-source software, compatible with Mac & Windows and simple to use.

To convert your videos, we advise Miro Converter.
  1. Drag & drop your videos inside Miro
  2. Select Format > MP4
  3. Colick on Convert to MP4

To convert your audio files, we suggest Audacity.
  1. Drag & drop an audio file  in Audacity
  2. Click on File > Export
  3. Choose the MP3 Files format

To convert your images into JPEG, we suggest XnConvert
  1. Drag & drop your images in the Sources tab
  2. Click on the Output tab
  3. Select the format JPG - JPEG / JFIF
  4. Click on Convert

Optimise your media files for the web

Aside from the file format, it is important to optimise your media files in order to reduce as much as possible the loading time of your project online.

The weight of a media file is defined by it’s resolution and output. The higher the resolution and output, better the visual quality but the element will also be heavier. We advise the following settings to have the best compromise for quality and quantity.

N.B: Keep in mind that the values we quote in this article are only given as examples. It is important to adapt them according to the use you’ll make of media elements. For example, a video displayed full screen won’t have the same resolution as a small one, integrated inside a graphic composition. You must adapt these settings according to your own needs.

Video settings :
  • Frequency : 25 image/second
  • Video output : 2000 - 5000 kbit/s
  • Audio output : 128 - 320 kbit/s
  • Resolution : 720p maximum (1280*720 pixels)
Audio settings :
  • Sampling frequency : 44 100 Hz
  • Output : 128 - 320 kbit/s
Image settings :
  • Definition : 72 - 150 dpi
To automatically optimise your images, we using very simple tools which remove in one click certain superfluous data (metadata, colorimetric profiles…) to save a couple kilobytes.

Compress Your Images Directly in Klynt

When trying to import images that are more than 1MB in size, you will get a notification warning that the size of the image is too large for fluid online viewing. You can then choose to import the image as is or compress it directly in Klynt by clicking on the “Yes!” button.


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