3. Import and Manage Your Medias

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

Import medias

To import pictures, videos and audio files in your Klynt project, drag-and-drop them from their local folder anywhere into the Media Library panel. You are now able to visualize the imported files.

N.B: When you import media files into your Media Library, Klynt automatically creates a copy of each imported file in Documents/Klynt_v3/Medias). For security reasons, do not change names nor delete any of your media files directly inside the Klynt folder. Only use the Media Library interface to do so.​

You can directly add a file from your computer directly to the scene. Imported items will then be added directly on the timeline.

You can also drag and drop media directly into the storyboard. This will create a new sequence containing this media file.

Finally, you can click on the import media button directly from the media library or go to the menu File > Import Media Files to select files you wish to import to Klynt.

NB: while importing your media files, if your images weigh more than 1 MB or the bitrate of your videos is more than 5Mbits/s an alert is displayed to inform you that the weight of your files maybe too high and that we recommend you compress your files for optimized online viewing. In the case of images, you can compress them directly in Klynt.

Replace a media in your media library

After importing a media file, you can update it to a newer version. So you can edit a video for example, or correct an image already being used in Klynt. To update a media file, select the new version from your computer and drag and drop it into the media library. A warning message will appear to confirm the update. You can also place the new version directly on the timeline or the canvas of the editor to update the media.

​Replace a media in your sequence

While working on your project, you can easily replace a media file by another while maintaining its position, size and display time. Simply select the media you want to change and click on the edit icon (pencil) to the right of the “Source” in the properties panel. Then select a new file from the dropdown list that appears. The media file will be automatically updated then.


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