2. Manage Sequences

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

Duplicate a Sequence

To create another identical sequence on your Storyboard, right click on the sequence and choose the option "Duplicate".

Duplicate a group of sequences

You can duplicate a group of sequences while maintaining all the links among these sequences. To do this, select the clips by keeping the Shift key pressed down and clicking on the sequences you want to duplicate or make a selection around sequences by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor while holding down the Command key (Ctrl on Windows), then right click on one of the sequences and select duplicate.


Delete a Sequence

To delete a sequence, right click on the sequence > Delete.

Change Default Main Sequence

By default, your project's main sequence (the one your project starts with when published) is the one named “Introduction”. It is marked with a red icon on its thumbnail.
To define a new main sequence, right click on the sequence and select Main sequence
A red icon should now appear on the selected sequence sequence and when you publish your project, it will start playing with this sequence.

To edit how a sequence will open (slide, fade, overlay…), click on the link that points to that sequence to display its settings.


Edit an overlay sequence

A sequence in overlay mode is displayed like a "pop-in"  window. When open, it pauses the parent sequence to appear superimposed on top of it. The sequence in overlay mode can be used when you want the user to access additional information while viewing a sequence (eg bio of the interviewee in the sequence, background information on the subject, ...) and pause the parent sequence.
When you select a link on the Storyboard, you can set the following parameters:
- Overlay: open the target sequence in "overlay" mode

- Pause parent sequence (upon opening the target sequence).
- Auto close at the end to automatically redirect the user to the parent sequence at the end of the sequence
- Close button; allows the user to close the sequence at any time. This will result in a return to playing the parent sequence.

To test the display of your sequence overlay, you must open the parent sequence in a navigator to play it and click the link to display the overlay sequence.

N.B: You can also set the position of the close button by entering the x and y pixel coordinates in Project > Project Settings.

Edit the transition to a sequence overlay

To define a type of transition between two sequence, click on the link that connects them to display the properties panel of the link. You can then choose from several options of the "Transition" list:
·       None 
·       Fade
·       Slide left
·       Slide right
·       Slide up
·       Slide down
·       Pop
·       Flip


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