4. Edit Your Images

Updated : Nov 28, 2018

To edit the images in your sequence, click on an image on the timeline and use the properties panel to change its parameters.


Choose a Transition Animation for Your Images

1. Select one or more items and click the Transitions tab of the Properties window of the image,
2. Define a transition of the in, out, points or both,
3. Choose the length of your transitions.

You can use two different types of transitions: Fade or Barwipe.

N.B: Make sure that the length of your transitions does not exceed the duration of your media.


Edit the Display Style of Your Images

To change the display style of your images, click the Style tab of the property window.


Animate Your Images

You can create simple animations with the pan & zoom effect. By setting a start and end position and a duration, you’ll will easily animate your picture.

To add a pan & zoom effect on your picture, double-clic on the element from the stage or the timeline. A pop up window opens where you can set a start and end position. Finally, you can choose to show the start or the end position on the scene.

Once you’ve set the position, you can set a duration on the properties panel of your element by changing the Duration time.

N.B: Pan & Zoom animations do not work directly in the Klynt editor. To view the animation you need to preview your project in your browser (Cmd + R / Ctlr + R)


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