8. Add and Edit Text

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

Add a Text Element

To add a text element to your sequence, right click on a track in the timeline and click on Add text or drag and drop a Text Type from the media library. A text element  will be created on the timeline as well as a text area on the stage.

Edit a text

To edit your text, double click on the text element in the text track or on the stage. A pop up window allows you to edit your text with the following shortcuts: 

- undo / redo
- choose your font and its size
- format (bold, italic, underlined)
- color and background color
- aligment (left, right, center, justify)
- tabulation- add a weblink and edit source code

For quicker editing, you can use the following keyboard shortcut.

- Cmd + C : Copy
- Cmd + V : Paste
- Cmd + B : Bold
- Cmd + I : Italic
- Cmd + U : Underlined
- Cmd + K : Add a web link
- Cmd + Z : Undo
- Cmd + Y : Redo

N.B: Those shortcuts are also available on Windows. Just replace the key Cmd by the Ctrl key of your PC. (ex: Ctrl+C : Copy)

Choose Text Type

1.     Click on your text element in the timeline, Text parameters panel appears at the top right,
2.     In the Text typetab, choose one of the predefined styles.

Set Text Position

To position your text element, you can either do it directly from the Stage:
1.     Click on your text element on the Stage to show the selection marks
2.     Move the selection marks to set the suitable space and location.
Or enter coordinates in the Text Parameters panel:
1.     Click on your text element in the Timeline
2.     Select the Customoption on the Position tab
3.     Adjust the coordinates in the x and y fields


Applying a transition to a text

3 types of transitions are available:

  • Fade (default)

  • BareWpe

  • TypeWriter


Choose Text Transitions

To set a transition to a text element:
1.     Select a Transition typein the Text parameters panel.
2.     Assign transition in, out or both.
3.     Choose the duration of these transitions.


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