4. Export Project for the Web

Updated : Jan 08, 2018

In the main menu, go to File > Package for web (Cmd/Ctrl + P). This will generate an updated folder of your project named YourProjectName_Publish_to_web,in your Documents > Klynt folder. This export contains only the media used in your project and all files to be uploaded on your media server.


Once you finalize your project, you need to publish it online so that anyone can view it. This involves transferring your Klynt project folder from your computer onto a web-server.

The first thing you need to do is to go through the checklist to make sure your project is ready for online viewing.

Once that is done, go to File > Package for web to export your project, you can read more about it here. This will create a publish_to_web folder inside your project folder.

Next step is to find somewhere online to put your project and assign an address to it. This means getting a hosting plan that includes storage space on a web server and a domain name registration. You can use OVHenavnGo Daddy, or others.

To transfer your files from your computer to the web server, you will need FTP access. FTP is File Transfer Protocol which is basically a way for transferring files from one computer to another. To do that, you will need an FTP client program. A lot of people use Filezilla because it is free as well as being easy to use.

Once you have your username, password, and host, you can connect and start uploading your files. Just drag and drop your publish_to_web folder or its contents from your computer to the the folder you have set up on the web server and you are done.


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