1. Introducing the Media Library

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

  1. List of media organized by type
  2. List of media organized by sequence
  3. Parameter: automatically shows associated media when you select or open a sequence in the storyboard
  4. Delete media
  5. Import media

Preview Panel

Double click on a media in the media library to open the preview panel.

Name, Tag, and Comment Your Media

From the media library preview window, you can rename, tag, and add comments to your media.
When you rename a file in your media library, it will keep its original name in the Medias folder (/Documents/Klynt_v3/project/Medias).

Create Thumbnails for Video Files

To assign a specific thumbnail to a video, navigate in the video in the preview panel. Stop playing on the desired video frame and click on the ‘create thumbnail’ icon to generate a new thumbnail.

Thumbnails are useful to symbolise a sequence's content on the storyboard.
They are also used in the index menu should you decide to add one to your project.

When you create a new thumbnail for a video in the Media Library preview panel, it automatically creates a file in /Documents/Klynt_v3/Medias/Thumbnails.

Search for Media

To search for a media, enter a keyword in the research field.
It is not possible to search by tag nor description. Only media file title.


Delete Media

To delete a media from the Media Library, select it and click on the small trash icon at the bottom of the panel.
To delete several media, select them while holding the Shift or Cmd key and click on the small trash icon.
If you try to delete a media that is already used inside a sequence, Klynt notifies you which sequences is using it.

View Media by Type

Select a type of media (photos, videos, audios, YouTube videos) and click on it.

View Media by Sequence

Once added to a sequence timeline, a media automatically appears in its corresponding the Media Library sequence tab.
By activating the double arrow on the top right of the sequences tab, each time you select a sequence on the Storyboard or start editing it, the Media Library will only show the media associated to the selected sequence.


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