1. Introducing the Storyboard

Updated : Apr 09, 2015

The Storyboard is the first thing you see when you create or open a Klynt project. From the storyboard, get a complete view of your project’s narrative scheme including all the sequence thumbnails and the different links between the sequences.


Add a New Sequence

To add a new sequence to your Storyboard, you can right click on the Storyboard background > Add new sequence

Or drag and drop a media from the Media Library to the Storyboard which will create a sequence with that media in it.

​Rename a Sequence

To rename a sequence, select it from the storyboard to view its properties panel and change the title.

It is highly recommended to name your sequences with short and explicit titles from the start as your sequence titles will be used in many different ways (e.g. your index menu, your project script, your Google Analytics detailed report, your link default labels…)

Add Descriptions, Tags and Geolocate my Sequences

To add tags, descriptions as well as longitude and latitude points to your sequence, use the sequence properties panel on the right of your Storyboard.
This information will be useful when exporting a script or creating a Menu.

Create a New Link

You can create a link between two sequences directly from the storyboard by clicking and dragging the little node at the bottom of a sequence. Drag it to another sequence and it will stick to it, thus creating a link from the first sequence to the other.
You can also create a link by pressing the "alt" button from your keyboard as you click on the first sequence, then click on another sequence and release the alt button.

Double click on the sequence to open its editing window and go further with editing links.

When you create a link on the storyboard it will automatically create a button inside the sequence.

Edit a Link

To edit the parameters of a link between two sequences, select it so that its properties panel appear directly from the storyboard or the sequence editor.

​Delete a link

To delete a link, right click on the arrow in the storyboard and select Delete or select it and press fn + backspace on your keyboard.



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