1. Introducing the Sequence Editor

Updated : Jul 16, 2015

The sequence editor is where you edit the sequences of your project by adding media to the timeline, and setting their different properties. The sequence editor is divided into three main sections:

1. The scene or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) to position your elements 
2. The properties panel on the right hand side to change the advanced settings for elements
3. The timeline to manage your elements in time and order of appearance


The Timeline 

The timeline allows you to manage your items in time. It consists of tracks by type of elements. On each track, you can add items, manage their time of onset, duration ...

The space of the timeline is divided into seven parts:
1. Setting predefined positions of the stage
2. Controlling playback and preview
3. Remove a track
4. Add a track above the exiting track 
5 Move up or move down a track. 
6. Show or hide a track on the WYSIWYG
7. Lock a track
8. Setting the zoom level on the timeline​

The Track

To the right of the “+” icon, there are two icons (the eye and the padlock) for masking a track and/or locking it. When you mask a track, it will be hidden only in the  wysiwig. To completely remove a track, you must delete it (right click / delete) or click on the trash icon. The lock track prevents accidental changes to your element positions or properties while working on your project.


Add Media Element to the Timeline

To add a media to the timeline of the sequence editor, you can simply drag and drop a file directly from the medialibrary to the Stage. You can also add a file directly from a folder on your computer by drag and dropping it on the timeline. Or click on the media import button on the second tab of the media library.

To add a text element, button, form or iFrame, you can drag and drop them from the medialibrary to the timeline or WYSIWYG. You can also make a right click on the timeline

N.B: To learn more about how to import a media, you can read our article Import and Manage Your Medias.


Set Media Duration

To set the duration of a media, click on its right side and stretch it according to your need.

You can also set a Duration using the media parameters panel, at the top right of your window.

Set Media Position

To move your media, select them and drag them left and right to change their order in the sequence.
You can set a start time using the media parameters panel, at the top right of your window.


Remove Media Element

To delete a media, right-click on it from the timeline or stage of the editor and choose Delete.

Duplicate/ Copy / Paste

To duplicate, copy or Paste your media on the timeline, right click on the media and choose Duplicate, Copy or Paste. The duplicate option will copy the element and paste it right after its position on the timeline, the copy option will copy it and you will have to right click on where you want to paste it on the timeline and select paste..

Multiple Selection

To select several media at once, click on each of them while pressing Shift.

Playback Cursor

Drag the light grey cursor left or right on a sequence's Timeline to preview instantly your media element on the Stage or just click directly on the timeline to position the cursor instantly on the desired location.



1.      In your default navigator with Cmd + R or file > Run > Project
2.      In your default navigator with from a selected sequence click on the Preview button or select file > Run > Selected sequence.
3.      In your default navigator at a specific time of the sequence by pressing Cmd + T while your preview cursor is on a specific time on the timeline(this only works if your sequence is synchronised with a video or audio file)

N.B: When you are previewing your project, to pause the preview, you can press the space bar, or click anywhere in the editor.

End Cursor

Use the dark grey cursor to define the end point of your sequence.


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