6. Edit Your Audio Files

Updated : Nov 28, 2018

Audio Properties

To access the properties of your audio file, select the element from the timeline or the scene. The properties panel will update with the proper values. 

Mix Sound Level

To adjust the sound level of your videos, use the sound level slider in the Media Parameters panel.

Set Loops

To set a loop on your audio media, check the “Loop Sound” checkbox in the Media parameters panel and then drag the right side of the audio element on the timeline as much as you want to loop it for.
If you drag it beyond the end cursor of the sequence and set a “Continuous Audio” option (discussed below) the audio will loop after the end of the sequence if there is not an automatic link at the end of this sequence.

Set Continuous Audio

Having a continous audio play throughout your project enhances the immersive experience while viewing your interactive program by playing an audio file (e.g. a surround sound) throughout an uninterrupted navigation. Continuous audio is useful in the following cases:
- At the end of a sequence in the case where a user action is expected in order to move to another sequence
- Between two or more sequences
- While a sequence in overlay mode (with the parent sequence paused)

To play a continuous audio between sequences, you should add the audio file on each sequence, check the "continuous audio" parameter in each of the audio files properties panel and make sure that the file is placed at the beginning of the sequence. (Start time at 00:00:00)
N.B: When you select the option "continuous audio", two options are available, corresponding to the volume of his ongoing at the end of the sequence AND when opening an overlay sequence.


Show player with play / pause button for each audio file

By default, an audio file is set to automatically play when it is displayed and "chromeless", ie without an associated player.
You can display the video controls and block the autoplay option by checking "audio control" (to display a progress bar with a play / pause button)


Synchronize a sequence with an Audio File

To synchronize an audio file with a sequence, simply check this option from the Properties window of the audio. The file will then act as a "sync master" of this sequence and all other media will be synchronized with it. The control bars will enable you to move through the sequence.


It is not possible to have two synchronized media in a sequence to synchronize other media, you must first de-select the option on the first media master.
As soon as the sync option is set, the media file will be then automatically repositioned on the timeline to zero seconds, and the end cursor of the sequence positioned at the end of the media.
If you pause a "sync master", the whole sequence will pause.
It is possible to have a master media or sync master in an overlay sequence same as in a "classic" sequence. Opening a sequence in overlay mode over a sequence containing the master media will pause it if you select the option "Pause the parent sequence."

Please note that audio and video files must have controls in order to be read on iOS devices since the autoplay feature is disabled by Apple.


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