Klynt 2.3 Release Notes

Updated : Nov 06, 2014


- Refactoring of the code of the Player so that the sequences generated are displayed in div's instead of iFrames.

- Modified the default scrollbar css file.

- Added the previsualization of element transitions (fade and barwipe) in the editor.

- Modified the barwipe behavior for in/out animations of elements.

- If the loop property is set to true for a video, it will continue playing even after the sequence is finished.

- Deep links are displayed even if the player is embedded as an iframe.

- Set the video or audio as a syncmaster of the sequence created by dropping a media into the storyboard.

- Removed the 'link to' prefix from the label of buttons created from the storyboard.

- Changed the default background alpha of overlays from 0 to 0.75.

- Added a text input to the sequence properties panel to change the duration of the sequence.

- Changed the default duration of sequences from 60s to 30s.

- Added the possibility to edit the image pan and zoom when double clicking on it on the wysiwyg.

- Increased the size of the the pan and zoom editor window.

- Made the option to synchronize the selection in the storyboard and the sequences list in the media library deactivated by default.

- Scrollbars customization using nonoscrollbar.js (the css file is in ressources/misc).

- Dragging a media from the media library into the storyboard creates a new sequence.

- Buttons created from the storyboard have a duration equal to the sequence duration.

- Added the possibility to drag medias from the media library into the wysiwyg.

Bug fixes

- Corrected a problem some iframes are not played by the player when their code contains simple quotes.

- Set the correct volume for videos when previsualizing.



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