Klynt 2.5 Release Notes

Updated : Nov 06, 2014


Added projects merging for Pro users (Beta)
- If you have a Pro version of Klynt, you can now create a new project from several other existing projects.

Changes to project html page:
- Centered the player in the html page.
- Changed the background from white to dark grey.
- Renamed the html page to index.html.
- Removed 'Klynt Player' from the title of the html page.
- You can now manage the html page title, description, and tags from the "Project Settings"
Enabled the creation of a single project for demo users
- If you would like to test the Klynt Demo version, you can either change the existing demo project or create your own.
- To prevent viewers from having to double click on iOS tablets, tooltips are automatically removed in iOS.
- For YouTube videos, only the YouTube play button appears and not the default Klynt button.
- Resize knobs disappear when previewing the sequence in the sequence editor.
Bug Fixes:
- Audios continued playing in firefox after a new sequence was opened.
- FadeOut and barwipeOut transitions were not executed at the correct time.
- Scrollbars appeared on texts in firefox when there is an automatic link to the same sequence.
- The mute button disappeared when clicked.
- Fixed a fullscreen problem where flash elements were not correctly scaled.
- Fixed an issue where the menu background wouldn't disappear.
- Fixed a problem where script generation fails when there are newly created links.
- The thumbnails and the poster images generated by the third panel of the media library now always have the same ratio of the video.
- Corrected a problem with deep links when the player is embedded as an iframe.
- Corrected a problem where openSequence doesn't work when the parameter is an object.
- The application checks for key validity at every launch.

Download this version here.


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