2. Setting up Your Project

Updated : Nov 28, 2018


Edit your project title & description

Go to Project > General Settings > General Information

At any moment you can modify the title, subtitle, description, and key words of your project. Since these information will be written in the <HEAD> section of the html page from the project, they will be useful for search engines. These information can also automatically filled within the widget About and default messages for sharing module.

N.B:  If you change the title of your project, the name of the project folder in your hard drive will remain the same. ​

Change the size of the player

In the main menu, click Project > General Settings to change the size of the player, from the General tab, select the size of the player you want by changing the width (W) and height (H):

1. Player 3/2 (970x645): Optimal dimensions for a project with image media
2. Player 16/9 (970x545): Optimal dimensions for a video project
3. Custom Player (free size and ratio)

You can change the ratio of your player at any time and the size of your player (in pixels). Consider adapting your player to the size and ratio you gave to your blog or website. If you change the ratio during the project, it will affect the layout and display of your media. 

Enable responsive mode for your project

By checking the Enable responsive mode option from your project settings, the size of your project will be "responsive" and adapt to the size of the user's browser. The dimensions previously set for your project will no longer be taken into account.

To learn more about the Klynt responsive mode, you can read this article and take our tutorial "Build a responsive sequence".

NB: It is not recommended to activate the responsive mode on an ongoing project since the position of your items will change. We recommend that you create a new project to test this feature.

General navigation parameters

From your project settings you can also activate keyboard (arrows), scroll and swipe navigation.

By doing so, your users will be able to navigate more easily between you sequences, provided you have set a “slide” (up/down and right/left) type transition between you sequences.
N.B./ when you add an Arrow Button to a sequence, the link is set by default with a “slide” transition type.


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