2. Manage sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, Mini-Player…)

Updated : Apr 19, 2016


About the sharing module

Klynt Player built-in sharing module makes it easy for your audience to share your project on todays main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Tumblr.

Edit the default messages to be shared  

Go to Project > Sharing Settings > Social Networks
This interface allows you to edit the information sent to social networs platforms when the user clicks on a share button.
The label, the url, the title and the message will be used for all the platforms except for Twitter, which has it’s own input field (careful not to overcome 140 characters)
Note that the «url» field is the official sharing link of your project (the one you want your audience to go to!).


Customize the sharing window 

Go to Project > Sharing Settings > Sharing window

That space allows you to manage the help texte which is displayed on the sharing page. 
You can change the text content or translate it in your prefered language.

About the mini player

The mini player was designed to let you (or your audience) embed your project in a smaller format than your player default size. For example, if your project is set by default to be 1000px wide and that you wish to embed it in a 600px wide Tumblr page, the mini player will display an image of your project with a title and a subtitle. By clicking on the «play» button, the user will open your project full screen and enjoy the most immersive experience possible.
Please note the user’s browser does not allow full screen mode (ex: ipad, Internet Explorer), clicking on the play button will redirect to the main diffusion page of your project (as defined in Project > Sharing parameters > Social Networks (see above).


Edit my mini player

Go to Project > Sharing Settings > Mini Player
If you wish, you can deactivate it, but it’s not recommended if you want your project to be shared. 
Input the title and subtitle that you wish to displayed in the mini player.
Choose the image to displayed as poster from your hard drive
At last, you can edit the default Help texts which will be displayed on the Mini Player interface.



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