7. Annotate Your Video and Audio Files

Updated : Oct 11, 2017

Since Klynt 3.3, it is possible to highlight moments of your videos or audios by displaying a visible marker on the progression bar.

These markers will be automatically positioned on the progression bar when the associated element appears in your sequence.



You can set these markers from the "Links" tab of the element properties panel.


Create a marker from any element of a sequence

It is possible to assign a marker to any element of a sequence (image, text, button, shape, ...) whether it contains a link or not.

Note that the creation of markers is possible only if the sequence contains a synchronized media.


The marker of the control bar is a marker on the timeline, clicking on it will return the user to the associated point in the video.

This marker can be complemented by a label and an image thumbnail (this is only possible in the case of a link to a sequence that has a thumbnail). This additional information will be displayed when hovering a mouse cursor over the marker. When clicking on that element, it is the properties of the link that will determine the action generated (link to a sequence, an external website or a widget ...)


Gather multiple markers into one

You can gather multiple markers in one. To do this, simply position the annotated elements on same timing in the timeline. This will effectively gather the additional associated information and superpose them on rollover on the marker.


N.B :  the z-index position of the elements in the timeline will determine the position of the marker information relative to each other.



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